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Autor Jos Vos
Titel RPM packaging "the right way"
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This talk will address the main issues related to building RPM packages, and additionally several topics will be discussed that are essential for delivering high-quality packages. The basic elements of an RPM spec file will be shown and for each section a number of hints and tricks will be given to enhance the quality of the resulting package. This will include the use of macros, adapting a package for installing it in an alternative root directory, ensuring correct file ownerships and attributes, and the proper use of pre/post (un)installation and "trigger" scripts. Many real-life examples will be used for illustrating the problems one can encounter and how to solve them in the best way. Also packaging non-free, binary software for internal use will be discussed.

Über den Autor

Jos Vos is CEO and co-founder of X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV. He has an experience of more than 15 years in the area of research, development, and consulting related to UNIX systems software, Internet, and security. He is the author of ipfwadm and part of the firewall code in the Linux 2.0 kernel. His company X/OS provides a number of products and services related to Linux, UNIX and Open Source software, including firewall and VPN solutions, ranging from small embedded systems to high-availability server products.

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9.-12. April 2019 am KIT in Karlsruhe
10.November 2019
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