UpTimes, the GUUG members‘ magazine

UpTimes is the members‘ magazine of GUUG (German UNIX User Group e.V.).

It comes twice a year, issue 1 (Spring) and issue 2 (Fall). They contain editorial articles abount the GUUG community, but mainly technical articles, event reports, book reviews, and more.

Since summer 2012, the UpTimes is published in digital form as a PDF or EPub. All contents of the digital UpTimes are – unless otherwise stated – under the CC-BY-SA license. The digital UpTimes has the ISSN 2195-0016.

Article suggestions for the UpTimes around GUUG topics, but also feedback and ideas for the collaboration in the editorship are always welcome. The editorial team can be reached at <redaktion@uptimes.de>. A style sheet for uptime articles is available here.


Guidelines for authors

If you would like to be part of the UpTimes as an author, you can contact the editorial team. If you want to contribute articles to the UpTimes, you should read the Authoring Guidelines (in German) first. We are happy to answer any questions. Simply send an email to the Editorial Team.

Current issue:
UpTimes 2018/2
No. 2/2018


Past issues (PDF/EPUB)

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Past, printed issues

UpTimes was published in printed form until 2008 and was sent to our members free of charge approximately every three months. Some of the articles of the old issues are available on this web server. Most articles in the UpTimes are written in German.


Printed issues

2008: No. 1

2007: No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4

2006: February | April | September | December

2005: February | May | September | December

2004: January | June

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