Local groups

For many people the local chapters of the GUUG and sage@guug are the first contact with our organization. They offer a chance to get to know one’s peers in the area, to listen to talks, and to get involved.

As a rule, events of local chapters are open for non-members, too.

Here is a list of the GUUG local chapters in Germany:

Place Contact
sage@guug Hamburg Dirk Wetter <hamburg@guug.de>
sage@guug Hannover Ronald Richter <ronald.richter@guug.de>
sage@guug Karlsruhe Wolfgang Zenker <zenker@punkt.de>
GUUG GUUG-Regionaltreffen West Ulf Volmer <regionaltreffen-west@guug.de>
Further local groups
Berlin Jens Link <kontakt@flarp.de>
DaLUG Jan Steffan <me@jansteffan.de>
IT-Stammtisch Darmstadt Cosima Joergens
UNIX-Stammtisch in Sachsen Matthias Ehrig <Matthias.Ehrig@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de>
Unix User Group Rhein-Neckar e.V. (UUGRN) Raphael Becker <rabe@uugrn.org>

We encourage members and non-members to set up their own local groups. We have collected a number of helpful hints and resources to support local groups.

Many local chapters provide their own mailing list, you will find more info about this on the corresponding pages. For all non-local issues the list sage@guug.de is provided.