The sage@guug is a special interest group within the GUUG. Like the America SAGE (System Administators Guild) as a special interest group within the Usenix we like to address all kind of persons who are interested in computers. As defining „systemadministator“ is somewhat hard and no interested person should be left outside anyone with a helping mind is welcome. sage@guug would like to facilitate information exchange and so enabling us to create future for our profession.
The goals of the sage@guug are
  • to network system administrators locally and on a national level,
  • create regional and bigger communities for easier information exchange,
  • facilitate knowledge exchange,
  • to represent system administrators to the public.
To attain those goals, the sage@guug works with other national SAGE groups and related organizations and arranges local meetings. There are also some mailing lists. Here are the minutes of our initial meetings.